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Agents and kynectors will play an important role in facilitating enrollment for individuals and small businesses in health insurance plans and other affordability programs offered on kynect.

Recertification Information for Agents and kynectors

Kynect recertification training for all assister types is required annually.  The kynect recertification will be an additional training packet and modules as a supplement to the first trainings that were completed in order to participate with kynect.  OKHBE will also update the original modules and materials as some of the federal guidelines have changed since the first open enrollment period.
OKHBE anticipates that the kynect recertification training will be available prior to open enrollment and will be administered the same way as before through OKHBE’s training vendor (EKU) and their online training system (TRIS).
Insurance Agents and kynectors will receive a future email explaining how the kynect recertification will work, then they will get another email notice advising when the new recertification training modules and material is available.  All assister types will be required to complete the kynect recertification training no later than November 1, 2014.
If any NEW assisters wish to participate with kynect, they will be required to complete the first set of kynect training modules along with the exam as a prerequisite, and then complete the supplemental kynect recertification packet.  There is no exam for the kynect recertification training.
Additionally, in the near future, the OKHBE plans to update and revamp the kynect Insurance Agent and kynector policy manuals.  OKHBE is also hoping to make available webinars relating to specific topics (income, incarceration, Medicaid, tax filing status, immigration, household status, etc.), topic specific job aids, links to various resources, and other materials available through the insurance agent or kynector TRIS account with EKU that can be accessed at any time.

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Please email additional questions to KHBE kynector Program.