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The purpose of completing this form is to begin the Office of the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange (OKHBE) on-boarding process for participating insurance agents to have access to the kynect enrollment system.

Upon completing and submitting this form to the OKHBE, an agent will be included on a training roster to be sent to the OKHBE Learning Management System in order to receive their invitation to access their training packet through the e-mail address provided on the form.

The training will be available on-line as self-study and the OKHBE is currently seeking approval from the Department of Insurance to be able to provide participating insurance agents with Continuing Education Credits upon successful completion of the required training.

Individual Insurance Agent Requirements to Participate

  • Be licensed by the Kentucky Department of Insurance (DOI) with a health line of authority;
  • Complete the OKHBE approved agent training in accordance with 45 C.F.R. 155.220(d)(2);
  • Sign an individual agent participation agreement;
  • Comply with the privacy and security standards of 45 C.F.R. 155.260;
  • Except for agents employed directly by a participating issuer, maintain an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; or
  • Maintain a designation with a business entity having an appointment with at least two (2) QHP issuers participating on the OKHBE; and
  • Complete registration and verification with the OKHBE through the Kentucky Online Gateway.

NOTE:  A licensed insurance agent employed by an OKHBE participating issuer as a representative of that issuer to sell, solicit, and negotiate an insurance policy on behalf of that issuer are not required to have a second appointment.